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We understand that high employee turnover, a slow hiring process and the "where do I start" feeling can be tough. 


We offer the following services, strategically designed to help give business owners the simplicity and clarity to cultivate an engaged and thriving company culture.  Whether you're just starting out and need a boost with our KickStarter program, or you're a business owner looking to attract and retain talent without the guesswork, our PeopleEngage+ and Bespoke Project services have your back.

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For founders looking to grow their teams successfully without committing to a full-time Chief People Officer, this service offers expertise and guidance in attracting and retaining talent. We assist in establishing a solid people foundation for smooth scalability through a set of audits and an employee engagement assessment. By providing strategic direction and crucial HR tools and templates, Culturehood helps you build and foster a 'sticky' culture at the early stages of growth, ultimately saving you time and costly errors in the long term.


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For the more established small to medium-sized businesses looking to reignite their approach. We provided the tools to deliver tangible results, such as attracting great talent, a faster hiring process, reduced employee turnover and reduced people-related costs. Through a comprehensive audit, we provide a robust set of people objectives aligned to your business goals. We measure employee sentiment and assess current people practices to uncover critical priorities to create a meaningful strategy. Providing clarity and an action plan that is required for an engaged and thriving company culture that aligns with your growth stage.


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As a company grows, maintaining its original culture and values can be challenging.  Managing larger teams, maintaining culture, and keeping everyone aligned becomes more complex. This is precisely where the significance of defining company values and behaviours comes into play.  This service assists you in navigating the journey of uncovering, crafting, and integrating your fundamental company values and behaviours. Helping you build a positive employer brand that is able to scale smoothly without losing the essence of your core company culture. 

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Bespoke Projects

If you have particular projects in mind that require expert insights or an external perspective for ensuring success, I provide the flexibility to adapt around your people, culture challenges and business aims. 

What People Say


“I was exploring ways to strategically expand the team without an immediate commitment to a full-time Chief People Officer. Discovering Culturehood's services was a turning point for us. Gem's expertise and guidance in talent attraction and retention proved invaluable in further developing a robust company culture and a solid people foundation, pivotal for our smooth scalability. With Culturehood strategic insights and essential HR toolkits, we successfully executed strategies like refining our recruitment process and implementing an efficient HR system for automation. This has not only saved us time but also prevented costly mistakes down the road. If you're a leader aiming for successful team expansion, Culturehood is the partner you need" 


Miles Beacroft
EMEA General Manager, Extu

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