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Hey, I’m Gem, founder of Culturehood

Culturehood is your go-to for building engaged and successful company cultures. We believe in keeping things simple and helping founders find the easiest way to reach their goals through tried and trusted people strategies. Whether you're just starting out and need a boost with our KickStarter program, or you're a business owner looking to attract and retain talent without the guesswork, our PeopleEngage+ program has your back.

We understand that high employee turnover, unmotivated teams, and the "where do I start" feeling can be tough. That's why Culturehood offers personalised insights, expert guidance, and effective solutions designed to align with your unique needs and growth stage.

Our experience in building authentic people strategies has been recognised as part of the Campaign Best Places to Work 2022 and 2023, UK Company Culture Awards 2023 - 'Best Team Culture', Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For 2018; by the Thames Valley Tech Awards 2020 – ‘Tech Employer of the Year’; and also by the Thames Valley Business Magazine Awards 2017 – ‘Best Company to Work For.’

Culturehood helps you build and foster a 'sticky' culture, ultimately saving you time and costly errors.

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